Learning together, supporting one another, creating a community of care for growing children and their families.

In the Classroom: The Roadrunners

Communication, Communication, Communication!  

Think of communication between families and teachers as a busy two-way road! On-going interaction, support, and involvement from both families and teachers build the connection and trust for a solid home/school relationship. 
In the Roadrunners, we want to keep our families informed. We have started a Tuesday News email to let you know the plans and possibilities for the week ahead and will send a Friday ReRun email to cover what actually happened.  We especially love to send home notes with children's words and reflections. When one-on-one conversations are needed, we can schedule a time to talk (in person or over the phone).  
Families are encouraged to meet with teachers in the early weeks of joining the Roadrunners and again several times throughout the year. We want to talk often to share information and strategies for helping your child have a happy, successful school experience. Sometimes a family event may be stressful to your child. Anything shared will be kept confidential as we work together to help your child adjust to the challenges.
Parent involvement in the classroom also helps build a strong family-teacher relationship. We welcome family visits to the classroom. Please, join us for lunch! Read a story at drop-off! Share your hobby or interest, with the Roadrunners. If you play an instrument or like to sing, come make music with us! Invite us to your place of work! Join us on an adventure!
As we all know, the more we get together, the happier we'll be! (Just listen to Raffi sing about it)