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In the Classroom: The Roadrunners

What IS a Roadrunner?

PIC's first Fall Festival flowed like a warm autumn breeze. The various activity stations set up invited engaging interactions as our community witnessed a collection of creativity in various areas of emergent curriculum. 
Each classroom designed t-shirts with a collective theme. For the Roadrunners, it was an opportunity to learn more about the incredible bird whose name they share.
We had conversations as a group that sparked many questions and we clearly needed to do some research to find the answers. Togther we turned to the internet to discover together. 
Here are some of the fun and fascinating facts our Roadrunners found out about this awesome bird:
  • Roadrunners dance! They dance two by two lifting and lowering their long tails.
  • Roadrunners can be as fast as a motorcycle! The bird uses its tail to absorb energy from the sun and this helps them move so fast. “It’s kind of like a solar panel!” one of our Roadrunners observed.
  • Roadrunners eat a hearty diet of rattlesnakes and lizards! Yummy!
This year’s Fall Festival was a great opportunity for us to learn more about the animal that our class is named after and to share what we have learned. Our t-shirt design was inspired by this interesting creature.