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In the Classroom: The Rainbows

Setting Limits with Toddlers is Tough

We all know that setting limits with young children, especially toddlers, is challenging. We read an article recently that had useful information for parents who may be struggling with setting limits at home.

Young children depend on the adults in their lives to set limits for safety, as well as guidance. We set limits for young children primarily for two reasons, to keep them safe and to help them learn self-control. You may be surprised to learn that you can set limits for children as early as 1 year of age.

While it may seem obvious, the rules we establish must be clear and reasonable. Young children will of course forget these rules from time to time and will need repeated reminders--just as some adults do! Secondly, children must understand that there are consequences of not following the rules. If your child does not follow rules, be sure you are clear on the consequences in advance and most importantly, follow through on them.

You may be apprehensive about setting limits for your child because it may seem like punishment. Instead, think of setting limits as a way of showing your love by keeping your child safe from harm.

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