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In the Classroom: The Peanuts

Parents Sharing with Peanuts

There are many important ways families help the Center while logging those ever-needed parent participation hours, but coming into your child’s classroom to share just about anything with the class is the most powerful thing you can do.

Are you wondering what you have to share? It can be almost anything--fantastic stories about a trip, an art project, or simply a favorite book, food, custom, song, or rhyme.

As teachers, we have seen everything from building turkeys with apples, toothpicks, and gum-drops to tasting fruits from different countries; from sharing a holiday tradition to showing pictures from a recent trip to China.
We have noticed that the Peanuts are always attentive when a family member comes to share. Recently, we had two Peanut parents share very different kinds of things, but both to rave reviews.

One dad came in to share his talent playing a special African instrument called the Kora. During the rest of the week, the Peanuts tried out instruments on their own and compared our class pumpkin to the calabash gourd base of the Kora.

After a Peanut mom brought in a fun rhyme about counting and crunching healthy apples, the Peanuts were counting crunches, asking about textures, and thinking about what makes a food healthy for days.  

So if you can find the time, bring in just about anything that is special to you and your family. Not only will you get that PPP logged, you will model to your children and their classmates the power of learning for years to come! See you in the hallway soon!

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