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In the Classroom: Hawks & Eagles

Engineering their own future

The first session of clubs down at the Aviary is off to an exciting start as we ring in the new school year. In the Engineering Challenge club, Hawks and Eagles are learning to engage with scientific processes and solve problems creatively, collaboratively, and scientifically. 
Each session, students are presented with an engineering design challenge and invited to use everyday recycled materials to solve the problem, testing their designs along the way. As the students explore, problem-solve, and create, they are also continuing the process of discovering where their particular interests and strengths lie.
Some Hawks and Eagles are delighting in identifying and changing variables in their designs. Other students have discovered a penchant for designing artistically-interesting devices as we prepare for Art Start next month. Still others are honing their teamwork and leadership skills by helping and collaborating with other young engineers to create contraptions that are truly more than the sum of their parts.
As the year goes forward, we at the Aviary are excited to see where these and other invitations lead the Hawks and Eagles as they learn to engage with ideas, challenges, and their own interests.