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In the Classroom: The Fireflies

Teaching Independence

It has been a busy month, with all the changes that go on in September, but we are settling into another fantastic year with the world’s best kids.
In class we are working on our self-help skills. The Fireflies are learning to help themselves to the water pitcher in the fridge and pour their own cup of H2O! They love the independence and it really gives them confidence. The teachers are there to help if they have a spill, but we are also encouraging them to clean it up themselves with either paper towels or sweeping up the cereal from the floor. 
We ask the kids to put on their shoes, too. With our help, they will master this difficult skill. It is worth the extra time and effort because the look in their faces when they start to do it themselves is all the reward anyone needs. 
In the bathroom we are learning to care for our bodies, wash our hands (make a bubble party!), brush our teeth (a favorite in the class) and pull up our clothes. These are important skills for independent 3 and 4 year olds. 
During clean up time we give lots of positive reinforcement to motivate even the least enthusiastic cleaner. You would be surprised at all they can do with a kind word or thumbs up as praise. Try it at home!
The kids clean up after themselves at snack and lunch. That might be the reason that some lids aren’t on all the time, but we try to check. They also put their nap things away so please label everything. 
We love when they take the initiative to take care of themselves. It is our mission to get them to try first without our help, cheer them on, and then help out if needed.
The Fireflies fall into a routine with ease (and a few reminders), and it’s amazing that after only a few weeks they really become independent learners. We love to hear them say “I can do it!”