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In the Classroom: The Doodlebugs

The Wonders of Water

Recently, the Doodlebugs have been exploring water in liquid and its solid form of ice. The children have been curious about floating objects, pouring water and dumping into cups, funnels and our sensory tubs and pans.
Our play was extended by using our fine motor skills to grasp the funnels, scoop into the water and watch as the water travels through the opening of the funnel. The children were in amazement!
Fiona and Lucas explored colored water and funnels. After a teacher filled the dropper with water, Fiona used her fingers to squeeze the water out into the funnels. Lucas used his hands to move the funnel back and forth while watching the water make ripples. 
The "invitation" to learn provided opportunities to expose the Doodlebugs to math and science concepts. The Doodlebug teachers talked with the children about the wet texture of the water and the color. 
This study of water also helped strengthen physical skills, advance social and emotional skills, and enhance language development through extended learning and new experiences. 
Babies and toddlers have a natural curiosity and a desire to explore and understand the world. Our study of water has been an enriching learning experience and an opportunity to foster skills that will help them learn science later in life.