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In the Classroom: The Caterpillars

written by Lead Teacher Joanna Footman

Change, Exploration, and Learning

The Caterpillar room has been very busy with transition! We have welcomed three new friends to the classroom, another friend has moved up, and I became the Caterpillar Lead Teacher. 
Infants love consistency, so I can just imagine how overwhelming it can be to start in a new environment. Even as my own journey at PIC had begun, I felt nervous!
The Caterpillar room is transforming every day to create a new environment for children to explore, learn, and experience as an extension of home.
During the month of July, the Caterpillars loved being outside. The children spent time on the Tot Lot as they watched large trucks drive by, and we ventured to the Nature Playground where we joined toddler classes in the sandbox. 
We also embarked on the study of wheels. The Caterpillars used their hands to explore circle shapes and create their own wheels. 
The Caterpillars have gotten good and messy with art activities. Each Caterpillar explored art in his/her own way. Even Robin, who is our youngest, used her feet to paint.
As fine motor skills strengthen through using hands, paintbrushes, dot art, and crayons, the Caterpillars will to continue to explore and learn.