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In the Classroom: The Bumblebees

Exploring the Great Outdoors

Outdoor play is an excellent form of exercise that promotes health and nourishes physical development. It offers a completely diverse environment for children to learn and explore. Playing outdoors allows children to develop muscle strength, coordination, and also self confidence. 

All children, from infants through older ages, have a great need for physical exercise and activity. They find it irresistible to use their entire body when they play outdoors and find such physical activities interesting and challenging.
They use their strength to crawl, roll over, run, jump, ride a bike, throw and kick balls, and pop bubbles. When children are exposed to the outdoors they engage all of their muscles to balance and coordinate their body. Natural space can encourage sensory, physical, and social exploration in ways that indoor play does not. 
Outdoor time is vital for children of all ages, but especially good for younger children. They learn and grow as they explore and have fun at the park, on the playground, while walking around the neighborhood, to name a few.
Some of the Bumblebees’ favorite experiences during outdoor play are digging for bugs, picking flowers, running, riding bikes, playing with balls, splashing water, and of course, shoveling snow!
Outdoor activities contribute to a child’s overall development. When outside, young children explore using all of their senses, practice fine and gross motor skills, develop language and social skills, and appreciate the world around them.
When we bring young children outdoors, we begin to build a strong connection between physical health and outdoor play, which is something we hope they carry with them as they grow.