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In the Classroom: After School Center

After School Engineers

Engineering projects of all kinds are a popular pastime in the After School Center. From bridge-building with Legos and K-nex to constructing large sculptures and edifices with cardboard and reused (nontoxic) construction items, from tunnel digging with sticks and bricks to creating elaborate marble runs, the school-age kids in all classrooms love to make and create.
With no specific set of directions and powered only by a child’s imagination, these types of loose parts encourage children to explore, create, and imagine. Recently, we have been given a "new-to-us" wooden marble run that has been enthusiastically received by our school-age crowd! 
With this group of young creative thinkers and makers, old Lego sets, Tinker Toy pieces, wooden blocks, pieces of netting, rope, string, or even sealing wax can become items of inspiration.
When looking to repurpose gently-used toys and household items, consider re-gifiting to the ASC!  We will make something!