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Class Pre-Sale Campaign is On!

Look for a sign outside your classroom showing the great items your classroom will enjoy if early learning classrooms reach 100% participation--each family and teacher makes a Plant Sale purchase or sale--or if in the After School Program families and staff meet their goal of raising $6,000. 
Also, remember:
  • The top-selling classroom earns $100 in Bonus Bucks to spend on even more enhancements for the room! 
  • Families earn 1 hour of PPP for every $20 over $100 that you sell.
  • The top-selling family will win a prize!
  • If they don't garden, suggest they buy raffle tickets or make a donation.
PRE-ORDERS ARE DUE April 15--only 2 weeks away!
 All proceeds from the Plant Sale are used to help PIC families better afford tuition.