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Changes to PPP this fall!

September 2017
Dear PIC Families,
Central to PIC’s mission is the belief that building a strong community of families and staff encourages the healthy development of children. By involving parents in the many phases of Center life and helping to build meaningful connections among members of our community, we aim to bring this mission to life.
Our success depends on our ability to recognize and adapt to the changing needs and demands of PIC families. Last year, a parent-led task force examined the growing dissatisfaction among PIC families in the Parent Participation Program and recommended improvements to make the program work better for more families while staying true to our mission.
As we head into the new school year, we are excited to announce the first wave of updates to the PPP program. We believe these changes will (a) relieve some of the pain-points around the program and (b) make parent participation more enjoyable and feasible for families.
What We Heard From You
  • Time constraints and scheduling conflicts are the biggest barriers to completing PPP, and parents are frustrated by penalties charged for shortfalls, despite their best intentions.
  • Parents most value PIC activities that facilitate authentic community-building and socializing with others.
  • Parents prefer PPP activities that involve children, rather than child care and additional time apart.
  • The process of tracking volunteer hours is seen as onerous and inefficient by both families and staff alike.
  • There are mixed perceptions about the purpose and role of the PPP program, and the impact it has on the Center and community.
What We Are Changing
Effective this year, the annual requirement will be reduced to alleviate the time burden on parents:
 Two-Parent HouseholdSingle-Parent Household
Early Learning Program24 hours → 12 hours12 hours → 6 hours
After School Center10 hours → 5 hours5 hours → 3 hours
The $15/hr end-of-year charge for all hours not completed will remain in place. PPP funds will be used for projects that align with the purpose of PPP—fostering community. PPP charges might fund playground upgrades, social events, or other projects that bring our PIC community together. 
Community-building and child-friendly activities that were not previously PPP-eligible will be rolled into the program (e.g. attending family-hosted potlucks, Storytime in Clark Park, the annual All-PIC Picnic, and the Children’s Book Festival, to name a few).
Serving as a Room Parent, or on a PIC Committee, the Board of Directors, or a fundraiser planning committee fulfills the one-year requirement.
The Parent Involvement Committee will look for additional ways to involve children in PPP events, while continuing the other ways a family can earn PPP. (e.g. Saturday Workdays, in the classroom, laundry, etc.)
In addition to the above, we are working on a second wave of changes that will enhance the PPP on-boarding process for new families, improve how we communicate year-round about the program, and streamline how PPP hours are reported and tracked.
We’d like to thank the PPP Task Force and especially its chairs, Sugirtha Stathis and Erica Zimmer, for their hard work and commitment over the past year. We greatly appreciate the thoughtful approach they took in understanding the feedback from multiple stakeholders, developing holistic recommendations, and partnering with the Board and Administration to determine the best path forward.
As we implement changes in the coming months, we welcome and appreciate your feedback along the way. We will continue to evaluate the PPP program and look for ways to refine it. Your input is vital, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments.
Warm regards,
Sara Richman
PIC Parent and Board President
Deb Green
Executive Director