Learning together, supporting one another, creating a community of care for growing children and their families.

ArtStart Child Care

Child Care for ArtStart is FULL, but you can still come! If you DON'T need care, tickets will be available at the door--$35 for one, $60 for two. 
If you are coming to ArtStart and signed up for child care, please proceed directly to the event in the chapel. If you stop at your child's classroom, it may be difficult to leave and confusing to your child. 
The children who are signed up for child care will be taken directly from their classrooms to the child care rooms. 
The children will enjoy pizza for dinner and entertainment by our very own Jackie Soro!
6:30 - 7:00 pm  After Schoolers in Stucco
7:00 - 7:30 pm Early Learners in the Spruce Small Gym
ALL infants are in the Bumblebees and Wild Things rooms (first floor of the Spruce Building) with Julie Wesenberg, Charifa David, and Olivia Harris in the BB room, and Ligia Morales-Cabal, Ellese Richardson, and Paula Harris in the WT room. 
ALL toddlers are in the Sunshines room (second floor of the Spruce Building) with Brooke Johnson, Jesse Schuschu and Feroza Shimun
ALL preschoolers are in the Fireflies and Peanuts classrooms (third floor of the Spruce Building) with Latosha Green and Tamika Little in the FF room, and Kia Knight and Ashley Fusco in the PN room.
ALL afterschool and alumni children are in the Stucco Building (the building adjacent to the church) with Robyn Bonacci, Andy Jones, Rebecca Schedl, and Paul Graff.
Child care ends at 8:00 pm. Your key fob is programmed to release the door until 8 pm tonight. 
Please be sure to pick up your child by 8:00 pm. We are so grateful to our teachers who are providing child care and we know that they will want to get home. 
Thank you to all our families for the support that they have given this important event. With your help, we are making quality child care possible for more children whose families struggle with the cost of care.