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After School holiday care days

There are nine scheduled holidays on the public school calendar.
After School enrollment includes:
  • 5-day-per-week tuition covers ten (10) holidays/closings
  • 4-day-per week tuition covers seven (7) holidays/closings
  • 3-day-per-week tuition covers five (5) holidays/closings
Holiday care can be used for any day of the week that is a scheduled holiday. Holiday care may also be used for snow emergency closing, and any future heat (or other) emergency closing, whether for a half day or full day. 
Holiday care must always be requested by contacting the Director of School-Age Programs.
The ASC offers holiday care only on public school holidays, and public school emergency closings. We do not have staffing available to accommodate other holidays scheduled by St Francis de Sales or charter schools.
Children who have holidays when the ASC is open 3-6 pm, may drop in for the afternoon. Please provide transportation and inform Anjali when to expect your child.
Children who attend schools that remain open on public school holidays will be picked up at their usual dismissal time.
*Half-days that are already scheduled on the public school calendar, such as report-card days, are covered by tuition, unless your child needs the half-day on a day s/he doesn't normally attend the ASC.

September Holiday Discount

If you expect to need extra holiday care, you may purchase coverage at a discounted rate. In order to receive the discounted rate of $65 per full day (almost 30% savings on the cost of $93 for a drop-in full day), you must purchase holiday-care no later than September 30.
Please email Grace Piana, gpiana@parentinfantcenter.org, AND Anjali Gallup-Diaz at agallupdiaz@parentinfantcenter.org requesting the number of days you would like to purchase.