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What WE Did Over Winter Break

With everyone gone for winter break, it might appear that it is a quiet time at PIC. This year that was certainly not the case as we had quite a buzz of activity in all corners of PIC.

Here is a quick recap of some of the projects that happened during our absence:

  • Renovation of the Sunshine classroom. This was the biggest of the projects and it kept a crew of workers here for many hours each day.  The room has new tiling that has replaced the very old carpeting and tiles, new countertops, cabinets, sink, and closet doors. The entire space has been repainted and many of the learning centers have been reconfigured. It  truly looks like a new room.  New blinds will be installed this week.
  • Fixes in the Rainbow classroom. The Rainbow room has been repainted and new blinds will also be installed this week. There is a completely new room arrangement that further enhances the space. “Warm touches” (wall decor, etc.) will be completed soon. 
  • The floors in ALL of the classrooms have been waxed.
  • Fifteen wireless access points (WAPs) have been installed throughout all of our buildings to allow for internet access from all of our rooms. This was not an easy job as we are in very old buildings with some very thick walls. This is the first step in our commitment to getting technology into each classroom.

If you have questions about these projects or any other facility-related item, please email Operations Manager Alison Williams.