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Toy Testers at PIC

Children Know Toys Best

With world-class universities and medical institutions nearby, the Parent-Infant Center periodically receives requests to help with research studies relevant to child development.

Most recently we were contacted by educators and graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania who are working on the development of activities for young children designed for a touchscreen device.

In order to get it right, the researchers knew they had to turn to the true toy experts--kids!

The piece of technology being tested is geared toward children ages 3-6 years and encourages them to practice math, spelling, identify shapes and colors, and develop fine motor skills.

Children from our Dragontails, Fireflies, Leapfrogs, Peanuts, and Starfish classrooms worked with the researchers in small groups for approximately 30 - 45 minutes. After the children had a chance to play with the interactive application they spoke with the researchers about their experience. Every child who participated in the study was given permission from their parents.

According to PIC Executive Director, Debbie Green, "All of the children seemed very engaged with the activities being presented to them. They were clearly enjoying their time as toy testers."