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Thank You Saturday Volunteers

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped on a VERY productive Saturday work day.

Over 250 pieces of artwork were mounted in preparation of Thursday's ArtStart fundraiser--every child has a piece in the show! Event supplies were also brought over to the chapel.

Shelves were built in what is to become our "Recycleteria" a place where a variety of materials will be re-used and re-purposed for children's projects. Small repairs were also made around PIC.

The Leapfrog classroom and the hall right outside got the walls touched up with some paint.

PIC parent with tools

PIC parents mounting artwork for ArtStart

PIC grandparent admiring artwork for ArtStart

PIC parent outside the chapel

PIC parents mounting artwork for ArtStart

PIC parents and grandparent mounting art for ArtStart

PIC parents build shelves for recycleteria

PIC parent painting in the Leapfrog classroom

PIC parent and staff painting in the hallway