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Plant Sale Deadline is Tuesday!

We are in the midst of a spirited Plant Sale Pre-Sale Campaign with a steady flow of plant orders coming in every day.
The deadline to order plants is quickly approaching with only 6 MORE SELLING DAYS until Tuesday! Have you placed your order, yet?
Remember, KidPot purchases do NOT count towards Plant Sale revenue or participation goals.
Early Learning Classrooms are racing for 100% participation. The Starfish are in the lead with 61% of teachers and families buying or selling a plant. In one day, they doubled both their sales and participation!
Right behind the Starfish are the Moonbeams and Bumblebees who are tied at 56%. The Doodlebugs are right on their tails with 50%. It's anyone's race right now!
Our classroom top sellers are fighting tooth and nail with the Fireflies and the Starfish, both coming in at over $800. There is only $33 separating the two. Not too far behind are the Roadrunners with a strong showing!
How is your class doing? Look outside your classroom to see what prize your room will win if your classroom makes 100% participation. In addition to the participation incentive, the top-selling classroom will earn additional dollars to buy more educational items to enhance learning.
After School families are making steady progress towards their goal. They are a third of the way to reaching their $6,000 sales goal to help support PIC's scholarship fund. After School has a great incentive to reach their sales goal... the program's first Core Set of motorized Lego pieces to initiate the ASC Lego Robotics program! Last year, After School families met and even exceeded their goal. Keep selling!
Individual family sales are going strong with the Graham-Willis/Pogarksy family selling over $700 worth of plants so far! Also on top are the Myers family and the Carr-Winters family. 
This year's top selling family will take home this Mason Jar Wild Bird Waterer.