Catch up on the latest PIC news or learn about an upcoming event. As a part of its mission, the Parent-Infant Center organizes several family-focused events throughout the year that are open to the community. Take a look!

June Message from Deb

Our events keep us vibrant

May was tremendous. Our inaugural Day of Play fundraiser (read about the day's success) exceeded all expectations.
While early rain moved our children’s concert indoors, by the time the music ended the sky had brightened, giving us a fun afternoon on the playground. An evening of music under the stars gave the day a perfect ending. 
It was a day that offered something for everyone—children and grown-ups, current and alumni families, the wider West Philadelphia community. 
And last week as June got underway, we had picture perfect weather for our All-PIC Picnic at Smith Playground.
I could have sat at the foot of the wooden slide forever, watching the children (and many of their parents) fly down the slide, giggle with sheer delight, and head right back up again (and again and again!)  
We are so grateful that Smith Memorial Playground allows us to use the space exclusively for our annual picnic and love that many families got to experience the playground for the first time. 
Yes, both the Day of Play and our Smith Playground picnic were great events for the PIC community and they set the stage for a wonderful summer ahead.
June, July, and August bring the return of PIC’s tried and true family traditions: the Lemonade Lull (6/29), Spoil-Your-Supper Ice Cream Social (7/26), and Watermelon Wednesday (8/16). 
These summer events (and others throughout the year), bring families and staff together, let folks get to know each other outside the classroom, and ultimately strengthen our vibrant community. It is what being at PIC is all about.
This summer I invite you to take some time with your family, make new friends, and especially enjoy some treats at PIC!