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July Message from Deb Green

June, My New Favorite Month...but here comes July!

While I’ve always loved the change of seasons, this past winter has diminished my love of winter and honestly, I can now just do without it. April and May were quite beautiful to be sure, but it is June that I now deem as my favorite month at PIC. At least this June!
While it began with many of us wondering if construction projects would ever end, it ended with the completion of the newly renovated Stucco Building for our After School Center AND the unveiling of our beautiful Magic Circle Nature Playground. Each of these new spaces was well worth the wait!
The new Stucco space was christened for the After School Center Gala as we celebrated the end of the school year. As families gathered for the show filled with song, dance, skits and interesting humor, I realized how spacious this performance felt, with more room for our large audience of families, staff, and our early learners (special guests at all of these shows). During the potluck that followed the performance, families got to take in more of the changes that have completely transformed the space--new bathrooms, lighting, and a fresh coat of paint.
In honor of these great improvements that will benefit both our After School and Summer Camp programs, I think we really do need another name for that space. Do you have any ideas?
We opened our nature playground at Make Music Philly, where PIC’s families and neighbors gathered to listen to the wonderful line up of music and to play on the newly-completed Magic Circle. I was delighted to finally see children enjoying the space that we have envisioned for so long. While some children moved around every area of the playground, others never left the sandbox. While it is not new, the recent delivery of a large amount of sand made it a very appealing spot! 
Last week, we held an evening all-staff meeting on the playground that was more fun than I’ve had in a long while. The staff divided into groups and spent time outside in six areas of our new playground. Our activities included a “nature orchestra” that featured participants on our new stage making music with found objects, a stick area where participants weaved yarn and other objects among the sticks to create some very unique creations, and a yoga session where participants were led in a series of yoga poses that can easily be done with children. All the activities were led by our own teachers, which added to the terrific energy and great fun of the evening. I applaud a staff who, after already working a long day, brought such humor and creativity to an evening meeting.
June also included our first all-PIC Potluck Picnic at Smith Playground. The rain cleared for a beautiful cool evening where children played in the many areas on the vast grounds of the park. I watched as toddlers and school age children (and countless brave parents) went down the large wooden slide in tandem. A group of four-year-olds challenged one another to go across the monkey bars. I spoke to several families to whom the picnic was their first-time PIC event and they were delighted to meet other families. Good food. Good weather. Good fun. Good friendships. This will definitely become an annual event!
Yes, it was a very fine month at PIC that will set the stage for a wonderful summer ahead. After a month of great changes and first-time events, July and August will bring the return of PIC’s tried and true traditions: the Lemonade Lull, Watermelon Wednesday, Spoil-Your-Supper Ice Cream Social and Pajama Breakfast. These summer events bring families and staff together and strengthen our vibrant community. It is what PIC is all about and I hope you will join us!