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A Holiday Message for All!

Dear PIC Families and Friends,
One of the many aspects of PIC that I have quickly come to value is the diversity within our community.
PIC is a place where children “live” true diversity each and every day. Be it making friends or having teachers who have a different skin color, wear different clothing, live in households with different family compositions, eat different foods, or celebrate different holidays, children are seeing and learning about differences every day.
Even more significantly, they are also learning that within those differences, there are many more similarities among us all.
Where often children grow up in neighborhoods or attend schools with little diversity, children at PIC are learning at an early age that diversity is not something to be feared, but something to embrace as an opportunity to learn about, care for, and appreciate others.
I cannot think of a better message for all during the holiday season!
Whatever holidays or traditions your family may celebrate, we wish you time with family and friends, good health and much happiness, and all carried forth into the new year.