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Did You See the Sunflowers?

written by Rachel Isaacson

Have you seen the sunflowers?

Today, on my way into work, I noticed two very tall stalks with a burst of bright yellow on top!

When I got to my desk, I called the Peanuts classroom to see if they saw what had happened to the seeds they had planted earlier in the summer. Lead Teacher Jacob told me that children had been telling him all about it.

Then he invited me to join them when he took a group of Peanuts to take a closer look at the towering flowers later in the morning.

When the time came I grabbed my I always do!

We held hands as we walked together in anticipation of what we would find.

We talked about what size the sunflowers were when they planted the seeds in the ground. These Peanuts knew right away that they were "small."

As we approached, Jacob asked the Peanuts where they saw yellow. They counted the number of flowers in bloom. And he even lifted some Peanuts individually--only those who wanted to take the ride--to get a closer look.

James said that, "they are taller than I am!"

Imogen said, "the flowers are taller then the gate."

Ruth took a look at the center of the flower and thought there may be something like 10 seeds inside.

Before completing our visit, we walked around the building to see another set of sunflowers that the Peanuts had planted outside the Wild Things classroom.

They were not quite as mature, but we knew they would flower soon because of the small green sprout at the top of the stem we could all see.

Keep watching and let me know if you see the next burst of yellow!