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Deb's June Message

photo by PIC dad Chris Sembrot

Feels Like Summer!

Summers at PIC are often a time of many changes and this summer will surely be no exception.  
By September, we will have more than 6o children leaving our Early Learning program to begin Kindergarten. Some will leave this month to attend our Summer Camp and some will join our After School Program in the fall. Some have been with us since they were infants and others have joined our program this past year. While all of our rising Kindergarteners will be greatly missed, we know they are ready to begin their new adventures and we wish them well!

Moving on and Moving up

As our oldest children begin to leave the Early Learning program, many of our younger children will begin to move to the next age group, fondly known as “move-ups. You will hear from Grace once your child’s move-up date has been solidified (usually 2-3 weeks before the start date in the new classroom) and more from your child’s current teachers about the process. 
We do our best to individualize the process as much as possible, knowing that every child is very different in how s/he reacts to new situations. Most children spend some time in the new classrooms a couple of weeks prior to the actual move-up date to see the new environment, see the teachers, and check-out the toys and activities in the new classroom.

Staff Changes

This summer will also be a time of a number of staffing changes, as we move some teachers to new classrooms and hire others who will join us from outside of PIC. As teachers progress in their careers, they often ask for opportunities to work with a new age group or work with another teaching team. Assistant teachers may apply for lead teachers positions and part-time teachers often apply for full-time positions. These new opportunities broaden their experience and we try to support our teachers as they learn and grow as professionals.

Better Buildings

Last, we have many, many facilities projects in progress and ahead of us. With buildings that are quite old, spaces and systems regularly need repair and replacement. We had anticipated and planned for some while others, which are the responsibility of our landlord, we have learned of more recently. While some work will require temporary disruption of use of spaces, we are delighted to get these projects checked off our lengthy list.
A few projects to share:
  • A phone upgrade to fully connect the Aviary Building to all of our other spaces.
    This seemingly simple project is significant as our entire phone system and cabling needed to be replaced. We have updated all 32 phones with new models, and we have added phone access to our gym spaces, and an outside emergency alarm that we can sound through our phone system.
  • Fresh coats of paint in the Spruce Building.
    The 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor hallways have recently been repainted, as well as the 2nd floor meeting room and Jacob’s office on the 1st floor. The Spruce 1st floor adult bathroom is being painted and countertops and cabinets refinished. 
  • The toilets in the Fireflies bathroom have replaced, in hopes that the number of clogged toilets will be greatly reduced!
  • Additional lighting will be installed in the Sweet Building stairwells, which get quite dark during the winter months. 
  • Nature Playground growth. 
    We have contracted with University City District to complete some work on our nature playground that will include additional plantings.
  • The handicapped-accessible ramp behind the Stucco building (that houses our kindergarten and 1st grade after schoolers) is being replaced.
  • The blacktop in front of the Spruce building will be repaired at the end of the month.
  • The outside of Sweet Building windows will be repaired and repainted. 
  • The southeast side the Chapel will be repaired.
    This project will involve scaffolding and the necessity to limit play around the sandbox area. 
  • Roof and wall damage repair in the Aviary building.
We will keep you informed as we learn of any temporary disruptions of spaces. 
May the summer ahead be one of good changes, rejuvenation and renewal for all!