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In the Classroom: The Doodlebugs

Simple is Best

a paper study

This September the Doodlebugs began our study of paper. The first stage of our study was touch. 

The teachers made a collection of various types of paper to provide variety. The children were invited to feel the different textures by squeezing, tearing, and tossing the paper into the air.

Our invitation to touch, extended to making a collage with contact paper. The Doodlebugs noticed the contact paper was a different texture. We talked about the smooth texture on one side and the sticky texture on the other. While demonstrating how to tear the paper to make more pieces, we shared new language, such as sticky, crinkly, and ruffled. The older Doodlebugs Joshua and Harrison Bowers giggled. Grace said oh no!  

The teachers modeled how to place the paper onto the surface and encouraged the children to do the same. They moved their bodies as they walked around the table deciding where to place the textured paper pieces. The gross motor exploration and the cognitive skills worked together to assist the children in deciding where and how they wanted to place the paper pieces. 

Chloe crawled over to the table and pulled up to stand and placed the paper on the edge of the contact paper, while Grace leaned in to add her paper to the center of the contact paper. Together, the children made a masterpiece. 

Our exploration reinforced that infants and toddlers do not need extravagant play times set up to learn and have fun. Everything is something to explore and take wonder at when experiencing it for the first time!