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Biggest First Week of Plant Sales Ever!

PIC Plant shoppers broke every record during the first week of pre-sales and the sale momentum continues:
151 orders placed with over $7,000 raised to-date...and climbing! The current top selling plants are impatiens! 

Participation STILL Counts!

After a tight race, the Roadrunners became the first classroom to reach 100% classroom participation.  
Every Early Learning classroom that achieves 100% participation--meaning every family and teacher makes at least one plant purchase or sale--will be awarded a prize to enhance learning. Ask your teacher what your class will win!
The Grasshoppers just made a huge push and have hit 60% participation and are currently leading the pack in total sales. Who will step up to challenge them?
After School classrooms have banded together with the goal of raising $6,000 in plant sales. Sales have been steadily picking up, but there is still a ways to go! This year's incentive prizes are digital cameras to be put in the hands of our children so they can show us how they see the world.
NOTE: If you have more than one child at PIC, one order earns you participation in every kid's classroom. You only NEED one, but you may WANT to have more in sales!

PIC Plant Sales Help Children Blossom!

This year's goal is to raise $40,000 to support tuition assistance at PIC. Every dollar raised supports families who struggle with the cost of high quality child care. 
Head to and place your order today or pick up a paper order form in the entrance of the Sweet, Spruce or Stucco building.
Please share the link to the store with your family, neighbors, friends and co-workers so they can also have first pick of this year’s selection and continue the momentum of this first week.

The Race is on for top seller!

Who will it be this year's top seller? Families and staff are eligible. This year's top seller will win a 12" earthenware indoor/outdoor decorative planter. Our second place seller will receive a $25 gift card to The Dandelion, a STARR restuarant in Center City.
Here's the current top sellers:
  • Veronica Alvarez (Zora is a Grasshopper)
  • Vicky Olsen (Zoe is a Roadrunner and Lukas is a Rainbow)
  • Elena Huang (Maggie is a Rainbow and Conner is a Roadrunner)
  • Emily Edelson (Evan is a Doodlebug)
  • Katy Kaplan (Nolan is a Grasshopper)

Don't forget your PPP

NEW THIS YEAR: Earn 3 HOURS of PPP for selling $100 in plant sale orders. An additional hour is earned for every $20 above the first $100. Last year 56 families earned a total of 271 hours just for plant sales!
QUICK TIP: be sure to let your friends know to list you as “seller” so you get credit for their purchase!
Spread the word around town - 1 hour for hanging 3 posters
Be strategic and snap a photo of your best placed poster! Think about community bulletin boards, your favorite coffee shop, a well-trafficked corner, your office, etc. Email photos to Karen at
Volunteer opportunities the week of the Plant Sale
It will be a busy week with lots to do! More details as Sale weekend approaches.