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April Message from Deb Green

PIC Plants...Cookies without the Calories!

It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm that spread through PIC as the annual Plant Sale got underway last week. On its opening day, the online store had over 200 visits and did over $2,000 in sales.
By the end of the first week, over $5,000 in plants had been purchased by PIC families, staff, alumni and friends!
I could feel the energy inside the halls of PIC as I became aware of the “serious” race for classroom participation. This is the first time in recent Plant Sale history that a classroom reached 100% (every family and teacher made at least one plant purchase or sale) in the first week.
While the Roadrunner classroom came out on top, it was not without a strong showing by the Starfish families. It was too close to call on any given day!
With such a strong start, how can we ensure that the Plant Sale achieves its $40,000 finish?
The only way is for each and everyone of us to go beyond PIC. Just look around to see all the ways people get their own networks involved in the cause.
On opening day, first time Plant Sale committee member Emily Edelson (Evan is a Doodlebug) emailed her co-workers a link to the Plant Sale online store first thing in the morning. By day’s end, she was the top seller!
This year’s Plant Sale Chair Vicky Olsen and her husband Craig (Zoe is a Roadrunner and Lukas is a Rainbow) have been longtime top sellers. The Olsen’s even borrow the van from Craig’s employer to pick up and deliver orders to his office in Wilmington. Their plant sales are climbing!
PIC Board member Angela Curry (Finbarr is a Roadrunner and Desmond is a Moonbeam) continues to send out an annual email to all her neighbors with great images of her sons to promote sales. She too is among this year’s top sellers!
PIC Starfish Lead Teacher Lily Cavanaugh is a grave gardener at the Woodlands. This newly formed volunteer group will take “The Woodlands from eternal rest to garden best.” She has told all her fellow volunteers about PIC’s Plant Sale and is an instant top seller!
PIC mom Mary Beth Fedirko (Myles is a Sunshine) told me she put Plant Sale posters and order forms in the staff lounge at the school where she works. 
This year’s top seller will win a 12” earthenware decorative indoor/outdoor pot. The second place winner will enjoy great pub fare from The Dandelion, a STARR restaurant in Center City.
While I’m also in the running for top sales, I don’t mind sharing with you what I do. I start by sharing EVERY SINGLE Facebook post about the Plant Sale. Have you liked PIC’s Facebook page and seen our recent Plant Sale posts?
I have also started bringing the Plant Sale order forms (found in the entrances of the Sweet, Spruce, and Stucco buildings) with me EVERYWHERE! I pass them out at every meeting! I also offer to deliver plants to anyone who lives within 15 miles of West Philadelphia. 
For me the PIC Plant Sale is a Girl Scout Cookie Sale without the calories! We don’t need to "eat all the cookies" ourselves. We just need to tell everyone we know that we are selling them and find creative ways to make it easier for them to buy!
Working together we will get to the $40,000 finish line! Through our collective efforts, PIC will be able to offer more tuition assistance to PIC families and give children the same quality learning experiences that every child deserves.
What’s your Plant Sale success story? Send us an email and we will share it with the PIC community!