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April Message from Deb Green

Working Together We Make PIC Bloom!

I bought my first plants from the PIC Plant Sale many years ago when I was a novice gardener (at best). I remember not only being impressed by the wonderful variety of plants offered, but being equally impressed at how the PIC Plant Sale was such a community builder.

We are so fortunate at PIC to have a terrific community that both reflects AND values diversity. In our urban corner of West Philadelphia, our children are part of an environment where they live diversity every day. The diversity is not of one focus, as we have families enrolled that represent most every racial, cultural, religious, family lifestyle and socio-economic status that is mirrored in our neighborhood.

Socio-economic diversity is an area that we pay particular attention to and one that we always hope to continue to increase. We understand that many families earn too much to qualify for government subsidy programs, but not enough to comfortably afford tuition. We are proud that we are able to offer tuition assistance to many families who need additional help.  

While we always wish we had more funds to offer, we do know that this funding makes it possible for the families who receive it to enroll their children at PIC and to be part of the high quality care that we offer. Tuition assistance is possible through PIC fundraising events, and our spring Plant Sale is a large contributor to this fund.  

As I now have the first hand opportunity to see the dedicated Plant Sale committee and to count the number of people who work to make the sale a success, I am again reminded that the sale is so much more than selling plants. As with most efforts at PIC, this one is truly about community (in addition to a few thousand beautiful flowers sold!)
We hope that all of the families and friends of PIC will take part in the opportunity to buy plants for themselves and to sell them to others.  We will then continue to GROW our tuition assistance program and the diversity at PIC that we so greatly value will continue to BLOOM.