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Annual Executive Director's Letter

December 2016
I must tell you how extremely proud I am of what I see when I step into a PIC classroom. Our children are engaged in activities that ignite their imagination and foster critical development. I see evidence of the important social and emotional skills children gain through all types of play.
We have talented teachers who listen to children, and guide them through peaceful conflict resolution. They help children understand the differences and more importantly, the similarities among all people.
But, as you know, far too many children do not have access to what PIC provides.
Recently, Miriam dropped by my office with her three-year-old daughter. They live in the apartment building across from PIC and have friends, neighbors, and even family who send their children here. I watched Miriam lean down and ask her daughter Elena to tell “Miss Debbie” how much she wants to come to PIC.
Elena’s family has qualified for a state-subsidy that will pay for her preschool. The truth is, there are close to 75 children like Elena on our waiting list who are eligible for public funding. Every single one deserves the quality early education that PIC provides, but we simply do not have enough space.
But I have good news to share! PIC has been given the opportunity to grow. With an early leadership gift and a recent grant from The Fund for Quality, we have embarked on an expansion effort that will allow us to enroll 20 more children like Elena as soon as September of 2017.
Welcoming more families from all income levels is exciting, but it is also ambitious. We know it will take a larger staff, facility improvements, and a strong investment in infrastructure.
We need help from friends like you. Your gift to our annual fund will give a child a better today, and a chance for a better tomorrow.
Wishing you and your family all the best as we head into the New Year.
With gratitude,
Debbie L. Green
Executive Director
PS: If you believe all children deserve a chance to experience high quality early learning, show your support with a gift to PIC.