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2018 Family Feedback

The 2018 Family Feedback Survey received 218 responsesPIC's Quality Committee, chaired by Nancy Rimmer and made up of PIC parents and Board members, found the 2018 Family Feedback Survey responses to be very positive and to show high ratings in key areas. 

Here are the highlights.

You're Very Satisfied

We are pleased with our "Very Satisfied” ratings in the following areas:
  • 90%  Relationship with child’s Lead Teacher and 83% "Very Satisfied" with relationship with child’s assistant teachers. Our teachers continue to be our strongest asset!
  • 89%  Curriculum and activities in child’s classroom
  • 89%  Outside spaces
  • 83%  Ability to work with teachers to meet individual needs
  • 82%  Equipment and supplies in child’s classroom
For the first time we asked the question, “Would you recommend PIC to a neighbor, friend or colleague?” 
  • 99% HIGHLY LIKELY (4 or 5, out of 5) to recommend the Early Learning Program
  • 85% HIGHLY LIKELY (4 or 5, out of 5) to recommend the After School program

Satisfaction grew here

Parent Participation Program (PPP) - Last year’s responses to questions about PPP led us to establish a PPP Task Force co-chaired by PIC parents Erica Zimmer and Sugirtha Stathis. The Task Force recommended reducing the number of required hours and expanding the opportunities for families to complete the hours. We did both! 
  • 46% of respondents are “Very Satisfied “with the PPP program (an increase from 25% last year). 
  • The number of "Unsatisfied" responses dropped to 5% (down from 19% last year)
We see this as terrific progress and will continue to make improvements to this mission critical program at PIC. 
Socio-economic Diversity - We are also pleased with the responses to our efforts to increase socio-economic diversity through the recent expansion project. We received many wonderful comments and our new classrooms received very high approval ratings.

Opportunties for growth

When we see a higher rate of “Somewhat Satisfied” responses, we take a closer look. These are the areas we see as opportunities for growth.
Lunch program - While the lunch program received very high satisfaction from the families who participate in the program, other feedback showed concerns about food options (specifically limited vegetarian options) and getting the monthly menus in advance.
We will make every effort to post the lunch menu outside classrooms, and to send the menu in the first e-newsletter of each month. We will also meet with our food provider to discuss menu changes for the coming year; adding more of the “favorites” and reducing the number of items that have proven to be just the opposite. 
Facilities - Although satisfaction with our facilities rated well overall, we did receive many written comments with facilities concerns. With old buildings, facilities issues are ongoing.
Projects are prioritized annually by the Board’s Buildings and Grounds Committee. Recent upgrades include:
  • Painting hallways and ceilings of the Spruce Building (all three levels
  • Significant updates to the Spruce adult bathroom (ground floor) 
  • Phone system major upgrade, which updated wires, installed new phones, and will soon connect the Aviary Building with the rest of campus. An outdoor loudspeaker will soon aid emergency communications at a time when classrooms may be outside. 
  • Butterfly and Hummingbird garden added to the nature playground
  • Additional lighting added to the Sweet stairwell for better visibility during winter’s darker late afternoons 
  • Our management company painted Sweet exterior windows, rebuilt Stucco's rear handicapped accessibility ramp, repaved the blacktop area, and is currently repairing the deteriorating exterior walls near the sandbox, where many children play. 
Security - There were also many comments and questions about security at PIC. While many did not express specific concerns, families do hope for more communication about safety and security protocols that are already in place, and about those we may be considering. 
In response to these comments, PIC’s Board will establish a Security Task Force that will include our Facilities Manager Jacob Kerner and several Board members. The charge of the committee will be to complete security research and make specific recommendations to the Board about areas to address.  
Enrollment/Move-up Communication - Our Enrollment Office faced new challenges this past year with the addition of two preschool classrooms, enrolling over 80 new children, implementing a new lunch program,  and managing the many, many move-ups. As we continually strive to do better, we have established several new protocols around move-up procedures and know that it will take a bit of time to see the effects of these changes. 

Thank you!

The annual feedback that we receive through this survey, helps us to make changes and to grow. It reminds us of what we do well, and reveals areas that need our attention.
I thank you again for taking the time to share your experiences and feedback. Please know that I am available for individual conversations (in fact I love these opportunities) and can be reached at to set up a time to chat.
This fall we embark on formulating a new Strategic Plan that will help guide our work over the next few years. Please keep your eyes open for more ways that you can provide feedback (and earn PPP) through that project. 
Thank you for entrusting your children in our care!
Debbie Green
Executive Director