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2016 Pre-Sale Results Are In!

What a spirited Plant Sale Pre-Sale Campaign! The fighting was fierce, right up to the bitter end! We cannot thank our sellers and buyers enough for your enthusiasm and efforts!
After calculating the results behind closed doors all day and drinking LOTS OF COFFEE last night, we are pleased to announce:
Nearly $29,000 raised...our $40,000 fundraising goal is still within reach.
633 plant orders placed
6,319 plants sold
Congratulations to the DRAGONTAILS for bringing in the MOST WEEKEND SALES! With $885 in sales, the children and teachers will be treated to a trip to the Lil' Pop Shop on the next hot day of their choice! w
While just shy of  its $6,000 fundraisinig goal, the After School Center had a strong showing with final sales at $5,400.
Final Classroom Participation Figures:
Bumblebees  100%
Caterpillars  100%
Doodlebugs  84%
Fireflies  95%
Grasshoppers  95%
Leapfrogs  100%
Moonbeams  100%
Peanuts 95%
Rainbows  95%
Roadrunners  100%
Starfish  100%
Sunshines  88%
Wild Things 100%
And drumroll please...the 2016 TOP INDIVIDUAL SELLERS are:
  • Elena Huang bringing home a 12" indoor/outdoor earthenware planter and PLENTY OF BRAGGING RIGHTS!
  • Igor Brodsky won a $25 gift card to The Dandelion, a STARR restaurant in Center City.
Thank you to all our competitors out there who fought tooth and nail to the finish! We look forward to seeing you (AND EVERYONE YOU KNOW) on Sale Days April 29 and 30!