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Robyn Bonacci

Lead Teacher

As a kid, there's nothing quite as exciting as holding onto your curiosity and letting it lead you to fantastic discoveries; as an adult, there's nothing quite as rewarding as having a hand in this.

Every day Robyn Bonacci feels incredibly privileged to witness the creativity, wonder, and thirst for exploration that characterize childhood. As an educator, they feel a strong commitment to establish learning as something fun and rewarding.

Robyn has held various positions in both education and mental health, working with children with special needs, language differences, and trauma histories. Prior to PIC, they worked as an assistant preschool teacher, a karate instructor, a school-based therapeutic support worker, and a cello teacher.

For Robyn, a safe, calm, and supportive learning environment is also an essential component of growth. Not only have they seen the positive effects of this on the children at PIC, according to Robyn, "I have also felt these effects as an educator operating in such a space; the culture of respect, support, and collaboration at PIC has really empowered me to grow and flourish as an educator."

Originally from Connecticut, Robyn currently lives in West Philadelphia. When not at PIC, they spend time training Muay Thai, making freaky electric cello loops, or writing.

Education and Credentials

BA, Sociology
SUNY Purchase

Year conservatory, Cello performance
Carnegie Mellon University

Staff member since
Age Group / Classroom