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Issy Gilhooley

Lead Teacher

I like working with children because they never fail to make me laugh.


Issy has been caring for children her whole life. She knew she enjoyed working with children from the time she started babysitting. she chose PIC because of its inclusive environment and values.

"I like working with children because they never fail to make me laugh and they make going to work fun. I like watching them explore their own interests and discover who they are as they explore what kind of activities make them happy."

Her experience includes working with adults and children with disabilities in various sports...she even coached a team for the Special Olympics! 

Throughout college, she worked at an after school program. She has also tutored children throughout the pandemic, as well as provided virtual learning support.

Raised in Ocean City, NJ, Issy now lives in West Philly, just a few blocks away from PIC. Outside of school, she enjoys running and cooking new recipes.

Education and Credentials

Candidate, Educator Certification in Special Education
University of Pennsylvania

PA Educator Certification, PK-4

BS, Elementary Education, minor Disability Studies
Stockton University

Staff member since
Age Group / Classroom