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Emily Morton

Lead Teacher

Emily Morton is the Lead Teacher in one of PIC's preschool classrooms for children ages 3-5 years old. She enjoys working with a mixed-age group and watching the children's growth over time - their language development, the skills they build, the friendships they make, and the interests that make their personalities so unique.

Emily has a long history with PIC and has long known she wanted to work with young children. She grew up knowing PIC's founder Marni Sweet, as well as current Executive Director Deb Green. Her very first job was at the original Please Touch Museum and even then she knew she wouldn’t find a career that would make her happier.

As a teacher, Emily finds that PIC cares more about the well being of each individual child and family, rather than proscribing any curriculum or script for teachers to follow. She has the freedom to listen to the children in her classroom as they ask genuine, authentic questions that lead to real discovery.

Emily currently lives in South Philadelphia and is pursuing a Master's degree in Special Education with a concentration on autism at Drexel University.

When not at PIC, Emily enjoys going out to play with her young son who is enrolled in PIC's Early Learning Program. They especially love taking outings to Smith Playground and the Please Touch Museum.

Education and Credentials

MS candidate, Special Education
Drexel University

BS, Early Childhood Education
Chestnut Hill College

Staff member since
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