For over three decades, the Parent-Infant Center has provided high quality child care to the families who live and work in the diverse neighborhoods of West Philadelphia.

Board Committees

Board Committees bring together PIC family and staff, community members and area professionals with a variety of experience to support the work of the Center. Each volunteer committee is chaired by a Board member and supported by a member of PIC’s administrative staff.
Buildings and Grounds Committee

Oversees the maintenance and improvement of Center buildings and grounds; interprets facilities reports, reviews faculty, staff, and parental concerns; approves project budgets; and supports project fundraising.


Development Committee

Conceives and implements a development plan that encourages a diverse mix of funding in order to provide PIC the means to fulfill its mission. The committee is committed to maintaining program excellence; attracting and retaining experienced and well-trained staff; and building diversity. 


Diversity Committee

Leads the PIC community in honoring and extending its commitment to diversity as articulated by the PIC Diversity Statement. The committee works to inform curriculum, operations, enrollment and programming, as well as seeks to establish an environment where diversity issues can be identified and discussed freely.


Finance Committee

Provides oversight of financial management for the Center and reports to the Board of Directors. Regularly monitors financial performance; reviews and approves annual operating budgets; advises on the investment of cash reserves; and oversees an independent auditor.


Governance Committee

Oversees Board performance by monitoring Board composition and actively recruiting needed talent; ensures committees are operating effectively; regularly reviews Board job descriptions, trainings and by-laws.


Human Resources Committee

Supports the administration of human resources, including review of personnel policies, job descriptions and employee performance tools; plans staff appreciation activities; compares salary ranges and benefits to ensure they are competitive within the field; and addresses concerns brought by employees.


Parent Involvement Committee

Motivates families to get involved in the life and direction of the Center; communicates the value of being involved; and promotes social activities and opportunities for collaborative volunteering experiences.


Quality Committee

Ensures that the Center continually provides the highest quality early childhood care, after-school programs and summer camps. The committee holds the staff and administration of PIC accountable for maintaining the mission of the Center and meeting quality improvement goals.


We welcome interested volunteers! If you have expertise to share, please email Executive Director Debbie Green to learn more about serving on a PIC Board Committee.